Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We were very upset to hear that our friend Monique Pels passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer.
Monique, from Wilnis in The Netherlands, was a big part of European Dragracing over the last years as the daughter of Ton `The Godfather' Pels.

She grew up amongst the sights and sounds of the dragstrips of Europe and inevitably became a key part of the success that her father enjoyed whilst racing his many dragbikes over the years.

A dedicated family person, she was always there to support the Zodiac Team along with her brother Vincent and mother Marianne, and the happy arrivals of her two daughters by her long time partner Bert provided only a temporary blip in her attendance at the dragraces. Even whilst suffering the pain of the treatment for the cancer that would ultimately lead to her passing Monique would continue to share her passion for the sport with her family, and in the periods of respite would still be seen supporting the Zodiac Top Fuel Supertwin team.

My wife Debbie and our two daughters shared many a happy time with Monique and her family both at the track and away from it and it is so hard to accept that we will no longer be able to share other happy moments with her. Monique's passing will leave a big hole in our lives, but not as big as that of her family.

But we're sure that the legacy she created with Bert in her two beautiful daughters Nikita and Indy will ensure that part of her will always be with us.

Our deepest condolences to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Marianne, Ton, Vincent, Annemieke and Jaimey.

Ian, Debbie, Georgina and Alexandra King

Ton, Marianne, Bert and all the family, so sorry for your loss, please accept my deepest sympathies and condolences. Mon was a beautiful girl and a good friend to me from the moment we first met in 1991. I will cherish her memory always and have her picture on my mantlepiece as a constant reminder.

Respectfully, Ian Turburville

What can one say to comfort pain and sadness that must be on Bert, Nikita, Indy and the Pels family in times like this? I wish you strength and wisdom in carrying this sad loss.

Hans Brings

We were very sorry to hear of Monique's untimely passing. She was always a great person to be with at the track and we always had a great laugh with her at the European meetings we attended over the last few years.
Sincere condolences to Ton, Marianne, Vincent, and the all her family.

Anthony and Rhonda Cohen - American Car Imports

The good ones always go first and she was a damn good one! I'm sorry we won't see her smile at the track anymore.

Pieter Hof
The Netherlands

A very tragic message came to us this morning. "Monique - we will always remember your happy smiling face and your super enthusiasm for dragracing". We feel so very sorry for Bert, the kids, Ton, Marianne and Vincent with family.

Charley, Carina, Viktoria, Christian

Our kindest thoughts to Monique’s family and close friends.
Kind regards,

John Everit - ALIEN Super Pro et

We were so sad to hear about Moniques loss of battle with cancer. This horrible disease is just too often and frequent nowadays that’s why we have to enjoy what time we all have together and dragracers know how to do that.
Please pass on our sympathy and love to Moniques family & friends - we are thinking of you.

Love TJ & Pat

Words are difficult to find to describe the moment that we read that you passed away.
We never can imagine the battle you had last year, but it must be the hardest one of your life. We shall miss you, but you are never forgotten. You always showed in the most positive way the involvement on the racetrack. All of you together showed how close you are as a race family, it was special and it will stay special.
Monique, rest in peace.
Our most sincere sympathies to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Marianne, Ton, Vincent, Annemieke and Jaimey and closest friends of Monique who grieve for one of the biggest loss in life.

Joey Bon Racing (Joey, Carien, Danny, Joyce, Paul, Gerbelien, Alex, Bas)

We are very sad that Monique passed away this morning. We shall never understand this, a young and very kind woman has to leave her loved family because of a terrible disease.
Monique, it was one of the heaviest battles in your life. Now you’re lost of pain, no suffering anymore. Especially on the racetrack, one of the things you lived for, we shall always remember you and of course miss you.
Rest in peace.
Our deepest sympathy to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Marianne, Ton, Vincent, Annemieke and Jaimey.

Paul and Gerbelien Cocx

Even though I've only met Monique a few times, she always left the impression of being a strong, witty, and loving person who enjoyed every minute of life. I can only imagine how big this loss must be for her family, relatives and friends.
My condolences to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Marianne, Ton, Vincent, Annemieke and Jaimey. I wish them all the strength to cope with this loss.

Rolf Heller

I never knew Monique but I new Ton back in the seventies when I was race director for the BDR& HRA at SPR. To lose someone close is sad, to lose your one of your children is devastating. I lost my stepdaughter 6 years ago aged 26 from the big C, you never get over it you just learn to live with it.
All our thoughts are with the family at this sad time.

Syd McDonald

It is very difficult to find the right words ... Monique will be missed by all of us. She was such a nice person, everybody knows her smile and her great enthusiasm for the sport.
Our deepest condolences to Marianne, Ton, Bert, Vincent and the family.

Gittli Koller - Peter Schöfer Racing

Here at Dealer-World we have been involved with the Pels family at various levels over many years, primarily through the Zodiac business but also as enthusiasts for drag racing. The news about Monique seemed part of a bad dream when first we heard. How the family faced it, we cannot imagine. On behalf of everyone here I wish to pass on our sincere condolences to Monique's family and friends.

Alan Turner - Dealer-World.com

We will allways remember Monique as a very friendly and ever smiling person. She will be greatly missed.
Our condolences to Bert, Nikita and Indy, Ton and Marianne, Vincent, Annemieke and Jaimey.

Andrea & René Kloss - Germany

I’m so sorry to hear the bad news. I don`t know what to say except that I love you all very much. Take good care of each other - I love you all

Anne Hågensen

We were very sorry to hear that Monique passed away yesterday morning, after her fight against this terrible disease. Knowing her as a very strong woman, makes it even harder to believe she finally had to give up...
Our condolences go to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Marianne, Ton, Vincent, Annemieke, Jaimey and the rest of the Korsen and Pels families.

Janssen family - Assen - The Netherlands
(Rob & Ine Janssen, Bouke Janssen & family, Koen Janssen & family)

We are very sorry you had to fight the battle you did. But only that says what a strong person you are. If I ever wanted to talk about racing or girl stuff you were one off the few people I could talk to. But you were always there. I remember the first time I met you (and your whole family) in Drachten. You are a big example for me. We missed you and your family this year at the race track but now your family has to miss you always and everywhere.
Dear Monique rest in peace. We will never forget you.

Lex & Gerda Joon

If there is a smile we will miss it belongs to Monique. Times like this are hard for everybody but of course most of all for Bert, Nikita and Indy.
My great grandmother once told me that the hardest part in her life was the loss of her daughter (my grandmother) so I do understand what Ton and Marianne have to go through right now. However, you are not alone, all of us in the dragracing family in Europe have you in our minds and hearts.
Deepest condolences to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Ton, Marianne, Vincent, Annemieke and Jaimey from us all at Svensk Dragracing.

Olle M. Elfqvist
Vice President
Svensk Dragracing

Our hearts sank when we heard the news. This is just heartbreaking and we will not fully recover from this loss. Our condolences to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Marianne, Ton, Vincent, Annemieke and Jaimey. We wish them all the strength to cope with their loss.
Monique we shall always remember you.

Marc & Nikki Fossey

We are sad to hear that Monique passed away. She was a wonderful person and we will never forget her smile!
Our deepest condolences to Monique’s family and friends.

Regula and Peter Beck, Switzerland

We were so sorry to hear the news of the passing, of Monique. We have been thinking about her all year while we have been at the track and we would like to send our condolences to all of the family at this sad time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Love and thoughts
Linda and Dave Wilson (TMD1)

Our deepest condolences to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Marianne, Ton, Vincent, Annemieke and Jaimey, and friends.

Motorparadijs - Rob, Jet, Dennis.

My thoughts are with Bert, Nikita, Indy and the Pels family. What you are forced to go through is beyond what anybody should. Monique was a true racer who loved our sport. It would be nice to see her name live forever in a future dragracing cancer foundation in her name.
I would be the first to offer voluntary work in order to raise money to help fight this terrible illness.

Respectfully, Stefan Boman

My thoughts go to Bert,the kids,and Ton and Marianne...I hope Monique can find peace now.

Condolences from Conny and Steven van Loven

We were so sorry to hear that Monique has passed away after her long battle with cancer. You will be missed by all of us and our condolences go to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Marianne, Ton, Vincent and the rest of the family.

Team Sverre Dahl.

We are all deeply saddened at the news of Monique's passing after such a difficult battle. Our thoughts are with Ton, Marianne, Bert and all the family. Monique, you will be remembered in our prayers tonight.

The team at Santa Pod Raceway (UK)

Sleep well my friend, sleep well.

Love Ivan & Rose

May the Comforter be with you in this difficult time. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

Chris and Sharon Hand

We miss you, Monique.
Our deepest condolences to the family.

Anita Mäkelä and Tommi Haapanen

Just as I remembered Monique on a warm and sunny day in august 2004 during my first visit to the Nitrolympics in Hockenheim. I hope they help remember her the way she was, warm and kind.
Take care,

Pim van der Zwet

We will miss you Monique and always remember your smile and your great personality . You were an important part of our drag racing family and you will always be.
Our deepest condolences to Bert, Nikita, Indy, Marianne, Ton, Vincent and family.

Urs Erbacher, Lorenz Stäuble and the Erbacher Top Fuel Racing Team

I would like to send my deepest love and sympathies to the Pels family.
What a sad moment. Monique was such a big part in Pels dragracing.
My thoughts are with her husband, kids and family.

Angela Wittenzellner

We miss you, Monique...
Our deepest condolences to Ton, Marianne, Vincent, Bert, Nikita, Indy.

Jaska Salakari, Salakazi Racing.

This sad news leaves me almost without words,nothing seems "right" in wake of this tragic moment for the families. I will always remember Monique for her good spirit at the races.
My condolences go to Bert, Nikita and Indy, Ton and Marianne, Vincent, Annemieke and Jaimey.

Benni Voss

We were saddened by the news of Monique's passing and we would like to send our deepest sympathy to Ton,Marianne,Bert,Nikita,Indy and her brother Vincent. Monique was a very special person and she will always be with us as her spirit will live on through her two lovely children. Our thoughts are with you all at this difficult time.

Steve,Jackie and the Woollatt Race Team.

A few seasons ago at Santa Pod I was lucky enough to have a chat with Monique whilst buying a 'Godfather' t-shirt. Monique took the time to talk to me & some friends although the team were very busy preparing the bike. Iwas so taken with Monique's friendliness and beautiful smile that I addedthe 'Godfather' team to my list of personal favourite teams to support.
I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Monique, she will be missed by so many. A brave girl now in peace, god bless.

Martin Wilson

A beautiful woman, mother and daughter. You will be missed by everyone who knew you.
With love and affection,

Sandra and Nick Pepper and family xx.

My deepest symphaties and condolences to all Pels families

Harry Raikkonen

Die Redaktion von Bikers Life fuehlt sich Ton Pels nahe wegen des Todes von seiner Tochter Monique. Die Familie Pels und ihre Freunde haben eine starke und wunderbare Frau verloren und die Dragster-Welt hat einen hervorragenden Techniker verloren. Die Redaktion von Bikers Life spricht Ton Pels und seiner Familie ihr Beileid aus.

La Redazione di Bikers Life è vicina all'amico Ton Pels per la scomparsa dell'amata figlia Monique. La famiglia Pels e gli amici tutti hanno perso una donna tenace e straordinaria, l'universo Dragster ha perso un tecnico valido e preparato.
Le nostre più sentite condoglianze

Bikers Life Magazine
Bikers Life Editrice Custom sas

Bert, Ton & Marianne, Vincent& Annemieke, and children. We are shocked and saddened to hear about Monique, we hope your memories of good times and the love we know you feel for her will get you through this awful time. We will miss her!

Ang and Tyne

Dear Monique, even I wasnt a part of your live anymore, the pain isnt any less...
Sleep well my dear cousin...

Peter Pels, Amsterdam

To Bert, Nikita, Indy, Ton, Marianne and family.
I was very sad to hear that Monique had passed away. She was a fantastic person, I knew her from when she was very young when I first raced in Holland and stayed at the Pels home.
Years later at Gainesville I remember her up in the stands dressed in orange getting everyone to cheer when her dad went down the track. Big smile, big laugh - yes it was Monique.
She leaves a gap which will never be filled - my thoughts are with you.

Terry Revill

My deepest condolences go to Ton, Marrianne and all the family on the very sad loss of Monique
Deepest Respects

Paul Castle

I know how you guys must feel having lost my own wife last year. My wife was 43. The drag racing community is second to none and despite having not raced for 20 years people like John Price, the Bratchtvogels and others showed their support when it was needed. Drag Racers are without doubt the best community.
It is always a shock and my heart goes out to you, I too have young children. Although not having raced recently I still attended many races and saw Ton Pels and crew running with the best. Monique was a bright energetic person who lit up the pits. She will be very sadly missed.

Geoff Stilwell & Family